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  • heyhellohai
    19 yrsAS8
    Hi there!I love to talk to random sexy stranger (don't say you're not, I know the truth *_*) So come here and let's talk (unless you hate cats, then you can't...)/(^o^)/
  • mookk
    26 yrsAS8
    Mexico City
    Hi, i'm not a VIP :)
  • breathyourownart2
    23 yrsAS8
    Marrakech, Marrakesh
    international friendship
  • maya213
    24 yrsAS7
    Hi! I would like to make new friends
  • summergirl85
    35 yrsAS7
    Outer Tokyo
    I have poor English so I'd like to study and become able to speak well.
  • tracyhsieh
    34 yrsAS8
    I w'd like to make friends from all over the world!

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  • yunaangellofficial
    35 yrsAS7
    Writer looking for potential long term relationship
  • jojosh00
    31 yrsAS7
    pretty much about nothing
  • nurseannisa
    27 yrsAS7
    Iam a lovable nurse.. Lets be friend
  • germanwhovian
    32 yrsAS7
    Hey there, come closer and have a look :)